• Specialty consultancy for choosing the optimal solution for re-technology endowing in the energy domain.
  • Pre-feasibility, feasibility studies for determining the optimal solution.
  • System configuration. Project design.
  • Supplying equipments: turbogenerator station 1-20 MWel, motogenerator station 150-3000 kWel, steam or hot water recovery boiler with or without post-burning, natural gases compressor, biogas, air and air and steam noise canopies.
  • Technical assistance during achieving the investment and at PIF
  • Transfer of know how specific to the plant purchased by the Beneficiary
  • Research, development, disseminating/implementing.
  • Basic and in detail engineering
  • General entrepreneurship
  • Acoustics : Our sound measurement devices and equipments are at the highest technical level (SONOMETRU SOLO SLM class 1). We are agreed for sound measurements according Romanian laws.


The technical documentation drafted within TURBO TECH comprises:

  • Technical studies;
  • Execution documentations;
  • Specifications;
  • Maintenance and repairing manuals;
The documentations concluded according to the legislation in force are clear, brief and comprise all elements necessary for mounting operating and/or maintain the technological equipments they refer to.
The range of services rendered by us proves our efforts for adapting to the clients needs.